Founded in 2017, Amsterdam's eclectic subcultures are our biggest inspiration. Electric Jewelry (see the spin off?) connects our modern world with the origins of cultural jewelry and their ethnic properties. To us, the jewelry we wear is more than good aesthetics. Its design is in our DNA passed on from our ancestors, it is in our way of living and in the way we were brought up when we were kids. We aim to pass these origins on to the generation after ours and together with our community, creatively and endlessly inspire others. Those who are brave enough to stay connected to their origin are who we cheer for. I am unique and #iamelectric.

The Electric Story

We have long term relationships with silver and gold jewelry craftsmen all over Europe and part of Indonesia. We think it is important to support local and small businesses. Our craftsmen create with knowledge that was passed on from their elderly, years and years before. This means high quality in our jewelry to wear for long periods of time.


"Jewelry items are so personal. The jewelry we wear, culturally refer back to where we came from and who we are, or by who we are inspired. We think they should be high quality and therefore last while making your new memories."